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Expert Rug Cleaning in Westchester

Do you want the best cleaning service for your rug? Well, for the most effective and safe rug cleaning in Westchester, there is just one company you can trust: Westchester Rug Cleaning. Our experts are here to cater to your every need. The results of our rug cleaning procedure are simply amazing. Also, it's worth noting that we offer a never before seen 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee. Yes, we are 100 percent confident that you will be satisfied with our rug cleaning services! Call now: 914-888-1250 !


Effective Rug Repair and Restoration Services

You probably know that a rug cleaning or a rug restoration cannot be done by an amateur. This is definitely not a do it yourself kind of project. One wrong move and you can completely ruin that beautiful rug. Why would you risk this when our rug repair and rug restoration services are so affordable? Get in touch with us in Westchester and let our specialists do the repairs for you in no time!

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Simply the Best Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is not as simple as you think. While most companies throw the rugs into an industrial washer and pour in various harmful chemicals, we choose to do things differently. Our rug cleaning experts hand-wash each rug. This is why you will notice that people are very satisfied with the results. Just read some of our amazing reviews.

When you choose Westchester Rug Cleaning to do the cleaning, you can expect all these benefits:

Greatly improved hygiene

Do you know how many allergens and dangerous bacteria our rug cleaning service can remove from your rugs?

Your rug will "live" longer

A professional cleaning process has been shown to significantly prolong the life of your rug.

We will remove every stain

We always make sure that each and every stain is completely removed before returning the rug to the customer.

We will remove every allergen

All the allergens will be removed during the cleaning process to protect your health.

Our products smell amazing

Because our cleaning products smell great, your clean rugs will smell divinely as well.

We save you time and money

We'll come to you anywhere in Westchester and pick up the rugs for free (delivery is also free)


Commercial Rug Cleaning in Westchester

Our professional rug cleaning service caters to commercial entities as well. You probably realize your clients want to see clean rugs that smell great. Remember, first impressions matter – a lot! Our commercial rug cleaning service is exactly what you need if you want to make a great first impression on your prospective clients. Get your free quote now!

Our Experienced Rug Cleaning Professionals

Do you know how we manage to offer our clients the best area rug cleaning, commercial rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, and Oriental rug cleaning services in Westchester? It's all thanks to our skilled rug cleaning experts. They are the best in town and we are grateful for their excellent customer service. When you do business with Westchester Rug Cleaning, here are just some of the many things you can expect from us:

Our pros are all licensed, bonded and insured

Only seasoned professionals work for us

You get fast service in Westchester

The best quality assurance in the industry

State of the art tools and equipment

Our experts are responsive and courteous

Different cleaning procedure for each type of rug

No harmful chemicals

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For the best carpet cleaning in Westchester, there is really just one best option: Westchester Rug Cleaning. Call us today and let's schedule an appointment: 914-888-1250 !