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Upholding the strictest standards in its state of the art facility in Westchester, Westchester Rug Cleaning has been delivering outstanding rug cleaning services to the good people of Westchester for years. Over time, we have become the best and most reliable provider of residential and commercial cleaning services in the city. Our experienced rug cleaners work hard every day to meet or exceed your every expectation. When it comes to area rug cleaning, commercial rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, and Oriental rug cleaning, Westchester Rug Cleaning really has no equal in Westchester. Our prices are as low as possible and the quality of our services is through the roof. Call us now to learn more: 914-888-1250 !

We Hand-wash All Rugs

Because we know how much damage a washing machine can do to a delicate rug, we don't use such devices. We prefer to take the difficult path and wash everything manually. This way, our professionals can focus on every inch of your beautiful rug. Furthermore, the cleaning products that we use are hand-picked. They are all safe for the fabrics and smell awesome. Hand-washing always yields impressive results, but without the risks associated with industrial washing machines.

Our Seasoned Professionals

We wouldn't be the company we are today without our amazing rug cleaning professionals. Each and every one of them is an expert. We thank them for their exceptional services. They are all insured, bonded and certified. Also, our cleaners have years of experience cleaning rugs of all types, shapes and sizes. We guarantee that they can clean any rug in record time in Westchester.


The Benefits of Working With Us

Westchester Rug Cleaning is the company that can clean your rugs and carpets manually for the best results. And we move very fast as well. If you need our rug cleaning service in Westchester, remember that we offer free pickup and delivery. Also, here are some of the other benefits of choosing our exemplary services:

Your rugs will never be damaged

We can clean any rug of any size or shape

Every stain is removed

Get rid of harmful allergens and bacteria

We extend your rug's life

Cheap rug cleaning services in Westchester

Two inspections and tight quality assurance

Only experienced specialists work here

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Your Rugs Are Safe With Us

We know that many people in Westchester are reluctant to order a rug cleaning service because they are worried that something may happen to their precious, valuable rugs. And yes, we do agree that there are many companies that completely disregard the safety of your precious items. However, we want to assure you that Westchester Rug Cleaning is not one of them. The simple fact that we painstakingly hand-wash each rug and carpet should be proof enough that we value our clients and their rugs and carpets. Your rugs are safe with us – guaranteed.

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Getting a rug cleaning in Westchester is easier than you think. Just call Westchester Rug Cleaning and see for yourself: 914-888-1250 !