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Call us today at 914-888-1250 ! But why would you choose Westchester Rug Cleaning and not one of the many other rug cleaning companies in Westchester? Good question! If you are reading this, you are probably curious to learn what makes us different. You've probably already read some of our awesome reviews and feedback.

So, what makes us so special? First, it's our ability to clean any type of rug (of any size and of any shape). Second, we offer the most affordable prices for all our exceptional services. And third, we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that no other company in Westchester can match. These three reasons should be enough to make you call us right away. However, we have more surprises in store for you. Read on!

Rug Cleaning Services for Every Budget

We like that smile on peoples' faces when we deliver their rugs and carpets back to them. We love to hear that we've done a great job. This is why we strive to improve our services continuously. Westchester Rug Cleaning is already the best rug cleaning company in Westchester, but we believe we can be even better. It's no wonder our competitors are trying to copy our business model! Here are some of the things we like to surprise our clients with in Westchester:

Get a FREE estimate right away

We are locally owned and operated

You can make a weekend appointment

You can make a holiday appointment

Quick and easy booking process

Unique 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Competitive prices for ALL services

All experts are bonded, insured and certified


Get FREE Pickup and FREE Delivery

Because we want to be different from any other rug cleaning company in Westchester, we have come up with an innovative service. Even though it hurts our bottom line, we offer our pickup and delivery service FOR FREE. You've heard it right! We will come to you, pick up the rugs or carpets, wash them, and then return them to you on our own expense. Our competition simply can't beat that!

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Any Rug, Any Size, Any Shape

Our specialists have extensive experience cleaning all types of rugs. They are also very skilled and very well trained. Using modern equipment, we can clean any of the following rugs in record time:

Indian rugs

Area rugs

Silk rugs

Persian rugs

Wool rugs

Handmade rugs

Oriental rugs

Moroccan rugs

And many more


Hand-washed Rugs and Carpets

Here at Westchester Rug Cleaning, we like to do things the right way. This is not always the easiest way though. Our experienced professionals hand-wash each and every rug you send us. We do this to avoid the damage caused by washing machines. Yes, we really do care about our clients in Westchester and about their precious rugs. Also, keep in mind that the cleaning products we use are safe and ecological. Our quality assurance process guarantees that your rugs and carpets will be 100% clean.

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When you require the absolute best in terms of rug cleaning in Westchester, you just call Westchester Rug Cleaning. We'll handle it! Dial 914-888-1250 now.