Cheap Rug Repair and Restoration in Westchester

We know how expensive it can be to repair or restore a large, valuable rug. If you live in Westchester, most companies will charge a small fortune for decent rug repair and rug restoration services. However, we are different. Westchester Rug Cleaning is not here to charge ludicrous fees for easy repairs. Our prices are affordable and we are a locally owned and operated business. Our specialists are the best in the city when it comes to any kind of repair or restoration procedure. You can reach us by dialing 914-888-1250 right now!

Reliable Rug Restoration and Repair in Westchester

We carefully repair and restore each and every rug our clients send us. The experts who do the rug repair and restoration work are skilled, insured and bonded. Each one has access to the best tools and equipment that money can buy. Rug restoration is an art, and we are the masters in Westchester. Rest assured that we can repair any damage and fix almost any problem you may be having with your rugs or carpets.

Rug Repair and Restoration Services That Never Miss

Do you need some help with rips, tears or holes in your rug? You don't know who to trust to do a good job in Westchester? Westchester Rug Cleaning is here to provide the assistance you need right away. Remember, we offer something that no other company offers: a 100% free pickup and delivery service. We want to make sure our prices are as affordable as possible. However, we will never cut any corners. All our services are reliable and effective.

Our legendary rug repair services are listed below:


Fringe attachment

Fuzzing and shredding


Edge fraying


Rippling and buckling

Patching tears, small holes and rips

And many more

For the most effective rug restoration services, just contact us. A few examples of what we can do:

Coloring services

Fade correction

Hem stitching

Fringe detailing

Large holes and tears

Fringe replacement

Water or fire damage


Moth damage

And many more


We Offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company has been built on trust. We want you to trust us that we will do an exceptional job. To make things as simple as possible for you, we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We can promise that the repairs and the restoration work will be perfect in every way. After all, hundreds of people have already used our services and have left us excellent reviews.

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For the best rug restoration and rug repair services in Westchester, get in touch with the experts at Westchester Rug Cleaning today! Our number is 914-888-1250.